Dona Noga

After graduating from Ryerson (Toronto Metropolitan) University in Media Arts, Dona began her film editing career cutting for The Discovery Channel; a mini-series on the Ocean and Climate Change. Soon after, Dona moved to Los Angeles and worked as an assistant editor on The Mask of Zorro and helped with the film conform. While working, Dona was hired to move to Vancouver to edit Ninja Turtles - The Next Mutation and The New Addams Family. Dona made her home in Vancouver for the next four years, and edited various shows for Fox Family, Lifetime, ABC Family, Disney and MGM Studios. In 1998 Dona edited her first feature called Dangerous Attraction and it was nominated for a Leo award. In 2003 Dona edited a pilot for MGM studios called Dead Like Me, which was nominated for an Emmy and became a cult hit. In 2003 Dona moved back to Toronto and edited The Great Polar Bear Adventure, a scripted drama that consisted of 900 hours of stock shots. Later VFX were added to the polar bears' mouths to animate them talking to one another. There was no main unit for this show. The Great Polar Bear Adventure was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. The Jane Show was also nominated for a DGC award as well as the Good Witch Family, for a CCE award. In 2016 Hello It’s Me was nominated for CCE and DGC awards.  Dona cut five seasons of The Good Witch which was Hallmark Channel #1 show.  In 2022 Dona edited The Accused created by Howard Gordon, which is set to be released on Fox TV/Sony in January 2023.

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