Ken Smith

Ken Smith has worked on Features and Commercial projects locally and in New York City. He began his editing career with a focus on VFX, swiftly finding himself compositing over 800 “slapcomps” for Neill Blomkamp's Elysium (2013), and earning a reputation for technical excellence and creative impact on many projects.

Ken has worked with distinguished Film Editors and VFX Supervisors, including Walter Murch, Jeremiah O’Driscoll, Bob Leighton, Lee Smith, Mark Goldblatt, Jim Page, Julian Clarke, and Mark Stetson.

While Ken understands the technical duties of a VFX Editor, he believes that the “Editor” part matters the most for the narrative goals of the whole film. An improperly considered VFX shot risks ruining the audience’s immersion and becomes a disservice to the hard work of the VFX artist. He will quickly formulate impressive yet cost-effective solutions for the trickiest of VFX compositions. Ken advances the collaborative pursuit of filmmaking, showcasing the skills of all creatives by the film’s final state.

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