Richard Schwadel

Richard loves getting high...soaring on thermals. As a licensed sailplane pilot, he’s flown over 250 miles in one flight and has soared to over 20,000 feet. This intrepidness matches his approach to editing. "It’s my job to bring a fresh set of eyes to every project, and it’s crucial for editors to have a keen understanding of story along with a strong point of view, considering the amount of footage and choices we’re faced with each day.” Richard prides himself on not being pigeon-holed, starting his career in US network comedies, and then moving to dramatic series, and lately, action films. "I’m comfortable moving between genres. I believe great editors have an innate sense of storytelling and can properly craft any story well.” Richard also loves exploring the outdoors, traveling, photography, live jazz, and spending time with his family.

See Richard's work: IMBD